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Tomb45 Triple Cartridge Razor Holder

by Tomb45
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  • PREMIUM QUALITY, SUPERIOR GRIP - Tomb45 Original Triple Cartridge Razor Holder is great for students and barbers who love options! It features a seamless flip blade cover and smooth metal grip with 3 exposure options perfect for your favorite barber razor blades. It's easy to maneuver and get a close, safe shave. Use our professional, barbershop salon quality Razor at home and in the shop!
  • QUICK CARTRIDGE LOAD DESIGN - This is a performance razor shaving blade holder designed for efficiency and precision. The quick cartridge load design is great for the most efficient and busiest barber to quickly swap blades. Just break your favorite double edge blade in half and load into cartridge at your desired exposure.
  • DURABLE, 100% METAL FINISH - This straight edge barber razor has a classic look and feel that's made of metal with a black matte finish to keep it in like-new condition for long-lasting performance. You’ll love the durability of this full metal handle and its great balanced feel. Plus, the black finish gives a great contrast between the razor blade and the handle for ultimate visibility while you shave.
  • 3 EXPOSURE OPTIONS - This straight edge razor holder includes 3 different single blade razor exposure options and an easily adjustable tension screw that actually works! Minimum exposure increases the stability of the blade- great for hot towel shaves! Medium exposure is the most versatile, you can see the blade for detailed razor shaves without losing too much blade stability. Maximum exposure provides maximum visibility- perfect for the most detailed shaves and line ups!

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