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Magnus Supply Hair Clipper Collection

Discover Precision with Magnus Supply

At Magnus Supply, we pride ourselves on being a premier barber supply store offering a curated selection of top-tier hair clippers designed to meet all your grooming needs. Our Hair Clipper Collection features leading brands known for their innovation, reliability, and precision. Whether you’re a professional barber or someone who prefers to maintain their look at home, our collection has something for everyone.

Why Choose Magnus Supply?

Unparalleled Quality: We bring you the best hair clippers from renowned brands like Babyliss, Stylecraft, Wahl, Andis, Gamma, and Cocco. These brands are trusted by professionals worldwide for their superior performance and durability.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Enjoy the latest advancements in grooming technology. Our clippers feature self-sharpening blades, ergonomic designs, multiple length settings, and long-lasting batteries to ensure a seamless grooming experience.

Versatility and Precision: Whether you need clippers for haircuts, beard trimming, or detailed styling, our collection offers versatile tools that cater to every grooming style. Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

Customer Satisfaction: At Magnus Supply, we prioritize your satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect clipper that suits your needs and preferences. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our excellent customer service and hassle-free returns.

Featured Brands

  • Babyliss: Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and sleek designs, Babyliss clippers offer precision and power for professional-grade grooming. Their innovative features ensure a smooth and efficient cutting experience.

  • Stylecraft: Known for their high-performance tools, Stylecraft clippers provide superior cutting power and versatility. With advanced features and ergonomic designs, Stylecraft caters to both professionals and home users alike.

  • Wahl: A favorite among barbers, Wahl clippers are celebrated for their robust build and high performance. From powerful motors to precision-ground blades, Wahl ensures a clean, close cut every time.

  • Andis: Trusted by professionals for decades, Andis clippers are synonymous with durability and precision. Their innovative blade technology and ergonomic designs deliver exceptional grooming results.

  • Gamma: Combining cutting-edge technology with sleek designs, Gamma clippers offer unparalleled precision and versatility. Their powerful motors and adjustable settings make them a top choice for any grooming task.

  • Cocco: Known for their stylish and functional designs, Cocco clippers provide excellent performance and reliability. Their user-friendly features and high-quality materials ensure a great grooming experience.

Explore our Hair Clipper Collection today and find the perfect tool to elevate your grooming routine. As a leading barber supply store, Magnus Supply is here to help you look and feel your best, every day.

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    Caliber 0.5 mg Clipper

    The third generation linear magnetic motor cordless clipper Diamond-like carbon and 440C Japanese stainless steel fade blade: high strength, moder...

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    Original price $139.99 - Original price $139.99
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