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Gamma Boosted Trimmer

by Gamma+
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Original price $149.00
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Introducing the new Gamma+ Boosted Trimmer, a pinnacle of grooming technology designed specifically for discerning professionals in the hair industry. Crafted by the expert engineers at Gamma+, this cordless hair trimmer is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

At the heart of this trimmer is the powerful Super Torque Motor, operating at an impressive 8,000 strokes per minute. This exceptional speed ensures unparalleled efficiency and performance, making it ideal for salon settings where precision and speed are paramount.

The Double Black Diamond DLC X-Pro Wide fixed blade paired with "The One" deep slim tooth cutter sets a new standard for precise and smooth cuts. Say goodbye to pulling or snagging—this trimmer delivers a seamless grooming experience every time.

One of the standout features of the Gamma+ Boosted Trimmer is its fully adjustable blade, allowing for zero-gapping from 0.8 to 0mm. This level of customization ensures the closest possible finish, giving your clients the impeccable look they desire.

Experience the future of grooming with the Gamma+ Boosted Trimmer. Elevate your craft and achieve flawless results with every use.

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