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Gummy Bump Repair 3.3oz

by Gummy
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Gummy Bump Repair 3.3 oz

Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair is a skin problem that affects both women and men. Itchy bumps, irritated red skin and painful pimples are the symptoms of razor bumps and ingrown hair. They can be seen especially on face and other parts of the body after shaving, waxing and epilation. During shaving and epilation there can be a sharp hair cut which causes razor bumps by curling back of hair into the skin. In the treatment of razor bumps, needless and/or tweezers can be used (leads to pain and infeciton) or at more chronic cases laser treatment can be done (effective but expensive solution). Gummy Bump Repair extensively cleanses skin and removes the accumulated dirt and oil the skin by using formula which contains salicylic acid powered by willow bark extract. It restrains ingrown hairand razor bumps by preventing the lubrication of hair follicles, and helps to get better the existing razor bumps. At the same time, it helps to prevent irritation and redness of the skin, after shaving and epilation.

Prior to use product test on small area for 5 minutes for sensitivity. If irritation/rash occurs discontinue to use. Clean the application area after shave. After your skin is totally dry spread it gently with a cotton ball. In order to prevent bumps apply after shave. After hair removal apply 12 hours later. Apply 2 times a day morning and evening if there are bumps already on the area for optimal smoothness.

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