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Hevie Enhancement

by Hevie
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Unlock Your Barbering Potential with Hevie Enhancement

Elevate your barbering skills with Hevie Enhancement, a premium Black and Brown semi-permanent dye crafted specifically for Barber Enhancement. This innovative formula is designed to deliver a flawless, smooth finish that will transform your haircuts, beard work, and designs, regardless of hair texture.

Unlike other products, Hevie Enhancement is engineered to prevent running or clogging of compressors, whether wired or wireless, ensuring a seamless application every time. Each bottle is meticulously equipped with a stainless steel 1/8-inch ball for optimal performance with every shake, guaranteeing consistent and professional results.

With a generous size of 2.5oz / 75ml per bottle, Hevie Enhancement offers exceptional value, providing an amazing finish for approximately 35-40 clients on average. Take your barbering game to new heights and impress your clients with the stunning results of Hevie Enhancement.

Upgrade your toolkit today and experience the difference with Hevie Enhancement.

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