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Wahl 5-Star Cordless Barber Combo Magic clip & Detailer |3025397

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The 5-Star Cordless Barber Combo takes everything that barbers and stylists love about the 5-Star Cordless Magic Clip and Cordless Detailer Li and elevates in one premium kit offering. The Cordless Barber Combo comes in black with the world-renowned blades. The  high-precision, stagger-tooth blending blade on the Cordless Magic Clip and the extremely close-cutting, adjustable t-wide blade on the Detailer Li made from high-carbon steel, now with titanium and DLC coatings. These blades have a lower blade temperature, resist corrosion, and are extremely strong. The 5-Star Black Cordless Magic Clip also comes with an even more powerful motor than the original Cordless Magic Clip to cut through thick and textured hair smoothly and easily. The clipper’s crunch blade technology makes a crisp, crunch sound when cutting which allows the barber or stylist hear the hair being cut, which results in no hair left behind and creates a polished cut. The 5-Star Black Cordless Detailer Li comes with a powerful, full-size clipper motor that creates a crisp, clean line. One cord for both units that reduces cord clutter.

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