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Immortal NYC Reserve Cologne 500ml

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IMMORTAL Reserve Cologne

01. Designed with poetic alchemy, this fragrance is a striking and intensified signature scent. Clear and sophisticated Reserve blends floral jasmine extracts and is majestic in its top notes. In the middle notes, amber essences meet with the light woody structure of cedar tree in the bottom notes

02.  A new generation of aromatic trail born from the explosive encounter between high technology and high perfumery. Maximize innovation and creativity to select ingredients at stimulate self-confidence, the power of seduction, and energy. A bold fragrance. The refreshing energy of lemon combines with the addictiveness of ultra-creamy lavender and the sensuality of woody vanilla. Instinctively free.

05. A new fragrance that represents the man in a love story. An aged cognac-colored fragrance that symbolizes the character of the new intense perfume. It will be impossible to resist the attraction of modern men who are passionate about his sweet fragrance dominated by vanilla fruits.

06. This fragrance is the reflection of woman's power and holiness. She, with her divine beauty, is a unique, fascinating, powerful, holy woman that every woman envies and all men desire. The masculine expression of victory turns to the feminine expression of victory with this scent.

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